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Introduction Operational Verification Exterior Interior Boot Engine

MK V Exterior

Body, Doors, Bonnet, Boot Lid, Painted Bumpers & Grilles

DATE N/A The fresh air vents are moved from the top to the side of the scuttle.

2½ DHC chassis no. 540008-rhd and 547007-lhd
2½ SAL chassis no. 520457-rhd and 527075-lhd
3½ DHC chassis no. 640045-rhd and 647186-lhd
3½ SAL chassis no. 621838-rhd and 627498-lhd

DATE N/A The forward no-draught ventilator frames and glass are changed from a pointed to a rounded front corner.

2½ DHC chassis no. 540012-rhd and 547011-lhd
2½ SAL chassis no. 520424-rhd and 527073-lhd
3½ DHC chassis no. 640086-rhd and 647399-lhd
3½ SAL chassis no. 621571-rhd and 627440-lhd

Paint Finish

Glass, Headlamp Covers, & Lamp Lenses

Chrome & Stainless (Incl. Accessories, Tailpipes & Resonators)

Hood, Hood Env., Side Curtains, Tonneau (OTS/DHC, XJ6C/XJ12C/XJ-SC Only – No Saloons)

Wheels (Wire, Disc, Alloy, Chrome, Painted)