MK V Engine-Sheet Metal

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MK V Engine

Bright Metal (Cam Covers, Carb Domes, Etc.)
→Sheet Metal (Firewall, Radiator, Subframes, Bonnet Underside, Etc.)
Engine, Block, Head, Carbs or Fuel Injection
Exhaust (Manifolds, & Downpipe Configuration)
Electrical, Hoses, A/C, Emission, P/S (Generator, Alternator, Relays/Regulators, Wiring, Battery, Tubing , Clamps)

Sheet Metal


The brake fluid reservoir is glass, with all the steel parts painted gloss black. The ring bracket may have FLUID LEVEL stamped on it, or nothing, or a Girling mark, but should not have a Lockheed tag. The ring bracket is not attached directly to the windshield wiper motor bracket, there is a short offset bracket which lowers the reservoir 7/8”, except for a few early saloons. (PC) A short hose with two brass Collier hose clamps connects the reservoir to a steel tube running down to the RHD master cylinder, or across behind the engine and down to the LHD master. The manual specifies Girling Crimson fluid, but the red stuff is long gone and now Castrol LMA yellow fluid is the preferred choice.

On the right hand side of the scuttle are located the Bakelite voltage regulator, fuse block with black cover, black windshield wiper motor, starter solenoid, brake fluid reservoir, and a black 12V power source outlet plug with red and black terminals, Plate L6. The wiring harness is covered with steel channels painted gloss black. (SM)

The coil is mounted on the left side of the scuttle, and should be a Lucas Model B12 Type L painted gloss black, with SW and CB threaded stud terminals and brass nuts. (SM)

The steering column is painted gloss black including the aluminum steering box housing, and should have a rubber grommet where it enters the scuttle panel, Plate P2. (SM) (PC)

The fuse box cover, wiper motor support, battery clamp bar, radiator support rods and brackets, bonnet latches and latch mechanism bars are painted gloss black.

In all cases of small painted parts, they were not primed, and the black was not a good quality paint, so it only stayed glossy if it was hidden and not exposed to the elements.


need better photo Firewall is body color
Radiator support rod is black

The scuttle is painted body color, but small parts attached to the scuttle are painted gloss black. (Skilleter)

The radiator support rods are gloss black.

The most common identification and lubrication plate was made of brass, originally electroplated and with black paint in the etched areas, but this is often worn away or polished away by restorers. It measures 6-1/2” wide x 4-1/4” high, and contains the serial numbers of the chassis, engine, body and gearbox, along with valve clearances. The lubricant brand names should be Vacuum, Wakefield, Shell, Essolube and Price’s, with an additional column for SAE viscosities. There was no recommended Price’s product for wheel hubs.

The Australian dealer Brylaw Motors would cut off the recommended British lubricants and substitute their own version.


On some early cars the lubricant plate was separate, or there was no lubricant information. The early small plates were 3-1/2” wide x 4” high, unplated and unpainted brass. A separate small tag contained the gearbox serial number. (Reilly)


On the left hand side of the scuttle, the body number tag is pop-riveted on. The tag is oval and the

numbers are raised, stamped from the reverse side with reversed characters in a stamping machine, not hand stamped, so they are in perfect alignment. The numerical characters are a bit larger than the alphabetic characters. The body number tag is painted body color, and in fact was originally attached before the body was primed and painted, so the rivets were painted and there was bare metal underneath it.

Saloon bodies run from G1001 to approx. G10500, and DHC bodies run from DH1101 to approx. DH2100, but there is no indicator of LHD or RHD in the body number.

A few saloons have been noted with a PP prefix rather than G, and are associated with New Zealand delivery; the current belief is that they possibly were sent over as CKD cars, Completely Knocked Down, either for a tax reduction or to comply with a law requiring some local assembly. (Reilly), (Crouch)



Cars originally delivered to the USA have a brass MADE IN ENGLAND tag pop-riveted on by the body number tag, to comply with US law, but cars for the home market or delivered to other countries generally did not have this tag. The MADE IN ENGLAND tag is unplated brass with unpainted aluminum pop-rivets. (Reilly)


The scuttle has a rubber strip pop-riveted on, to protect the bonnet and keep it quiet.



The grille has strips of woven fabric to keep the bonnet quiet.


The radiator header tank and the radiator core should be gloss black.


The MK V does not have subframes.


Bonnet (Underside)


The scuttle, underside of the bonnet panels, and inside the bonnet side panels are painted body color.




Nothing was provided by the factory to hold up the bonnets, so most owners use a wooden stick.

Some owners have invented holding devices such as a bar that folds down and clamps onto the radiator tie rod or side panel, however, any bonnet supports that are attached to the vehicle, are non-authentic.


Early cars had a heater matrix, referred to in the owner’s manual as “Air Conditioning” and fan on the left hand side of the scuttle shelf, Plate O1. Later cars beginning with:

520782, 527135, 622840, 627811, 540002, 547001, 640012, 647012

RHD                                                                  LHD
2.5L Saloon    520782              2.5L Saloon  527135
3.5L Saloon    622840              3.5L Saloon 627811
2.5L DHC         540002               2.5L DHC       547001
3.5L DHC        640012                3.5L DHC       647012

…had the heater inside the passenger compartment, Plate O2, with hoses passing through the scuttle, and a shutoff valve on the left side controlled by a shaft passing through to the instrument panel, Plate O4. (SM)


Sheet Metal – Etc.

Air Filter


The air filter housing is gloss black.



The air filter mounting bracket is gloss black


Bright Metal (Cam Covers, Carb Domes, Etc.)
→Sheet Metal (Firewall, Radiator, Subframes, Bonnet Underside, Etc.)
Engine, Block, Head, Carbs or Fuel Injection
Exhaust (Manifolds, & Downpipe Configuration)
Electrical, Hoses, A/C, Emission, P/S (Generator, Alternator, Relays/Regulators, Wiring, Battery, Tubing , Clamps)


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