MK V Boot-Tools, Tool Box/Pouch, Manual, Spare Cover

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MK V Boot

(Champion & Special Divisions Only)

Paint, Side Panels, Mats, Carpet, Battery
→Tools, Tool Box/Pouch, Manual, Spare Cover
 Spare Wheel & Tire


 Tool Box/Pouch





Jacking Equipment Located in the Spare Tire Compartment


Note: No separate jack ratchet as it is part of the wheel brace.



The end of the wheel brace does NOT have a built in flat area for removing the nave plate.



The top of the early wheel brace fits both the fixing nuts and the top ratcheting portion of the jack.


Note: The wheel brace is separate from the jack ratchet


The jack (in red next to the spare tyre) the wheel brace and the jack ratchet are located in the Spare Tire compartment.

Tool List-Detailed

C.991 Tecalemit Plastigun black Bakelite body grease gun (called oil gun in PC)
C.993 Tire valve extractor is brass 1-1/2” long x 3/16” round with knurled surface, some stamped DUNLOP.”
C.2655 Starting crank handle is gloss black with chrome hand grip, the other end is a 3-pronged socket with a protruding nub, and it is several inches shorter than the slot provided for it. The slot was sized for the longer handle used on Mark IV and apparently never got changed.
C.2586 Wheel Brace without prybar on opposite end (early cars)
C.2955 Wheel Brace with prybar on opposite end for removing nave plates (later cars)
C.2654 Jack, Lifting – Early saloons had a Stevenson jack labeled STEVENSON JACKING SYSTEM and WORLD PATENTS around the cast iron foot, ¾” hex drive for operating by the wheel brace, painted a bright red almost orange, including the cast iron yoke clamp and pinch bolt holding the side arm, but the H-shaped side arm and the through bolt are gloss black. (PC)
C.2953 Jack Lifting – Later saloons beginning with 521091, 527142, 623072, 627871 and 43 random cars before that, and all DHCs had a similar jack labeled STEVENSON JACKING SYSTEM and SMITHS on the cast iron foot, ½” hex drive for operating by a ratchet handle, same bright red color tending to orange with black H-shaped side arm. The XK120 also used this jack. An undocumented change to a square tube side arm welded onto the upright tube has been noted on XK120, but it is unknown whether this change was implemented at Smith’s before or after the end of Mark V production. (PC)
C.2954 Lever, Ratchet, painted black, marked SJS RAISE and LOWER, only with later jack
C.994 Spanner, Adjustable, (monkey wrench), Shelley or may have no brand name.

Three, Open Ended T/W Superslim Spanners
C.2587, 7/16” x 1/2” AF
C.2588, 9/16” x 5/8” AF
C.2589, 3/4” x 7/8” AF

Two, Open Ended Snail Brand Spanners
C.998, 1/8” x 3/16” BSF
C.999, 5/16” x 3/8” BSF
Five open end wrenches (spanners) are black, Superslim or Snail brand but smallest has no brand at all.

Six Box Spanners (tube wrenches)
C.31, 3/16” x 1/4” BSF
C.32, 5/16” x 3/8” BSF
C.33, 7/16” x 1/2” BSF

C.305, for rear axle, 3-1/4” long with 5/16” square end and 9/16” hex end
C.179, for sparking plugs, 6-1/4” long, hex one end only, marked 1/2” BSF
C.2585, for torsion bar adjustment, 5” long, hex one end only, marked 3/4” AF

Six tube wrenches (box spanners) are listed in (PC) but C305 for rear axle only fits some ENV axle drain plugs, not Salisbury axles, and may not have been issued in all cars. Sizes are stamped on them but no manufacturer’s brand. Black or plated.

Two tube wrench handles (Tommy bars)
C.30 Tommy Bar (Long) is 12” long x 7/16” round, with hemispherical head
C.34 Tommy Bar (Short) is 6” long x 5/16” round, tapered with hemispherical head
JCNA MK V Judging Guide Boot – 85
C.28 Sheffield egg shaped wood handle screwdriver
C.996 King Dick or Sheffield pliers.
C.997 Tire pump is gloss black with black painted wood handle, natural brass top fittings, black cast iron folding feet, no manufacturer’s marking at all, separate green braided hose with brass screw threaded end fittings.
C.1001 Two tire levers stamped DUNLOP MADE IN ENGLAND all with one large stamp, not individual letter hand stamps.
C.1002 Lucas screwdriver with point gap gauge.
C.1003 Feeler gauge with .012” and .018” folding fingers for spark plugs and tappets.
C.2730 Girling brake bleeder container with rubber hose inside.
C.2798 L-shaped handle for budget locks, round but with squared tapered end.
C.4292 Two blanking plates, for brake air scoops

Blanking Plates

Although not supplied in the tool kit, two Blanking Plates are noted in the list of tools. The Blanking Plates are used to replace the mesh screens used for venting the front brakes.


Brake Air Scoop with Screen

Blanking Plate to keep debris out



Note: The center of the tool box compartment has a rectangular opening, no tool is missing, the opening is for the Boot Lamp.


The boot lid lamp is a somewhat clear plastic dome with a chrome surround, held in place by slot head screws. It is located in the tool tray lid. It operates by a push button switch in the boot lid, but only when the side lights are on. This lamp is what fits in the empty area in the center of the tool tray.


C.2654 Jack, Lifting has a large hex-nut, the size of the lug nut, at the top for raising and lowering the jack.


C.2656 Jack, Lifting has a square fitment at the top for raising and lowering the jack.




The jack is held in the left side of the tire compartment. The wheel brace held by spring clips on spare tire door.

SJS ratchet lever painted black, marked RAISE and LOWER, held by spring clips to the spare tire door, on all DHCs, but for later saloons only if the car has the later type jack with ½” hex drive as described above. (PC)


(Owner’s) Manual




Spare Cover

The MK V does NOT have a Spare Tyre Cover as the spare is located in the lower boot area.

Paint, Side Panels, Mats, Carpet, Battery
→Tools, Tool Box/Pouch, Manual, Spare Cover
 Spare Wheel & Tire


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