MK V Interior-Hardware, Steering Wheel, & Instruments


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MK V Interior

Woodwork, Vinyl & Leather (except seats)
Headliner, Underside of Hood, Door Panels & Arm Rests
Door Jambs, Sills, Shut & Hinge Faces, Rubber Seals, & Wire Conduits
→Hardware, Steering Wheel, & Instruments
Seats, Squabs & Belts






Gear Shift Lever

The Gear Selector Lever is chrome and is either straight or with a forward bend.



Gear Selector Knob

Gear Selector Knob with RAISED numbers Gear Selector Knob with RECESSED numbers



Brake Lever

The umbrella-grip style emergency brake handle is located below the facia by the left side kick panel.


Door Handles

The Saloon interior door handle has the Pull-Triger type of opener located under the non-movable grab handle.

The saloon does not have a chrome cover plate on the latching mechanism.

The Drop Head Coupe has the Push-Away-to-Open style of interior door handle.


Door Latch

The DHC door latch wedge shaped strikers should be painted body color.







Steering Wheel

The steering wheel spokes should be at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock when steering straight ahead. The car photographed in Plate A6 of the Service Manual should not be assumed to be steering straight.


The steering column telescoping assembly should have a chrome expanding coil sleeve and chrome capping rings.





Steering Wheel Horn Push


Pointed Horn Push

The steering wheel manette or horn push, should have the chrome turn indicator switch at the top. The Growler Head is silver in color.




The Seat Reclining Crank is chrome plated, the front/back seat lever and seat rails are grey.

Trafficator or Turn Signal Knob

The trafficator or turn signal knob, as seen in the photo above, is a pointed knob located on top of the horn button’s chrome ring.



Instruments left to right

Tachometer by SMITHS, counterclockwise dial, zero right, Red Line 4500 RPM to 5000 RPM, with built in clock,
Petrol gauge by SMITHS
Oil/Water combination gauge by SMITHS
Ammeter, made by LUCAS
Speedometer by SMITHS
Amber TRF lens indicator for trafficator directional indicator
Red IGN lens indicator for ignition and generator
Green FAN lens indicator for heater fan

Other chrome plated control knobs are, from left:
Heater water hot/cold tap valve
Heater fan motor
Fog lamps
Cigar lighter (black Bakelite with owl eye that glows when held in)
Main lighting switch
Key ignition switch
Starter button
Wipers (above IGN light)
Panel lights
Interior and Map lights

All are shown in the Service Manual and Owner’s Handbook. (SM, OMH)

The cigar lighter has a glass center which glows when held in.

The light switch knob is the boat rudder style.

Instruments had a minor upgrade from _____ to ______ part-way into the production run beginning with:

2½ litre SAL      chassis no. 520389-rhd and 527074-lhd
3½ litre SAL     chassis no. 621428-rhd and 627411-lhd

and all DHCs, delineated by a change in the suffix of the part number.


The 3.5 liter speedometer was changed from ____ to _____ at :

3½ SAL chassis no. 624516-rhd
3½ SAL chassis no. 628586-lhd
3½ DHC chassis no. 640082-rhd
3½ DHC chassis no. 647349-lhd

The speedometer may read in miles or kilometers.

Instruments have lettering in a squared off type of font, see Plate D10. (SM)

Need close up photo of instruments

On the early saloons, the instruments do not have internal lighting.

 Instrument Lighting

The instrument lights, mounted under the facia, have ultra-violet glass covers on them. These instrument lights are changed from four bulbs to two bulbs.

2½ SAL chassis no. 520388-rhd
2½ SAL chassis no. 527073-lhd
3½ SAL chassis no. 621427-rhd
3½ SAL chassis no. 627410-lhd

Need Photo of both the 4 bulb lights and 2 bulb lights 

There is also a map reading light in the center with a white plastic rectangular cover Plate D10.

Interior Lights

The saloon has two lights in the cloth covered trim panels at the rear corners

The DHC has a single light in the hood above the rear window. (SM)


Woodwork, Vinyl & Leather (except seats)
Headliner, Underside of Hood, Door Panels & Arm Rests
Door Jambs, Sills, Shut & Hinge Faces, Rubber Seals, & Wire Conduits
→Hardware, Steering Wheel, & Instruments
Seats, Squabs & Belts

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