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MK V Operation Verification




Headlights (high and low beam)


Either the Headlights or the Fog lights may be on, but not both together.


Driving Lights/Fog Lights


Parking, Tail, Side & License Plate Light(s)


Front Parking Lights/Side Lights


Tail Lights


Side Lights


License Plate Light(s)

The License Plate Lights are located on the side of the backup lights.

Brake Lights


Back-up Light(s)


Backup lights are located on either side of the rear license plate.


Turn Signals (Front, Rear & Side)


Front Turn Signals located in the sidelights Rear Turn Signals located between the bumpers


Note: Some Non-US models, that are fitted with Trafficators, do NOT have turn signals


For models fitted with Trafficators, the Trafficators should light up when they flip out.


Four-way emergency flashers

MK V Models are not fitted with Four-way flashers

HomeIntroductionOperational VerificationExteriorInterior – BootEngine