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1996-2006 XK8/XKR DRAFT Judges’ Guide

Author Steve Kennedy




Judges Guides are an important part of JCNA’s program to improve the quality and standardization of JCNA Concours judging and the Judges’ knowledge of various Jaguar models. Judges Guides are intended to augment official Jaguar publications by supplying well-researched information not readily available or conveniently presented elsewhere.

Following AGM approval, a Judges Guide becomes an official JCNA document. The Judges Guides, and other official Jaguar Cars publications, (see Rule Book Appendix C) may be used by Entrants and Judges alike to validate or challenge the authenticity or appropriateness of items, features, materials, patterns, colors, configurations or accessories found on the Jaguar automobiles covered. All Judges Guides are subject to editing and/or correction as additional verified information is acquired.


This Judges’ Guide is not designed as a restoration guide, but as a guide for the JCNA Judge to become better acquainted with the correct appearance for the 1998-2006 XK8/XKR Coupe and Convertible models.

This JCNA 1998-2006 XK8/XKR Coupe and Convertible Judges’ Guide has been developed following the layout of the JCNA score sheets. The score sheets are generic and designed to cover all models, thus some headings are not applicable to each model, however, each heading is addressed and noted where it is not applicable.

Each section’s Section headings, like Exterior, Interior, etc. are bold and Left Justified at the beginning of each section.

Each major block heading on the score sheet is bold typeface.

Each item addressed in the Score Sheet Block heading is in bold type, whether or not they are actually an item on the car, the item is addressed in the judges guide.


Production Information


Total Production

A total of



Reference Sources

Where a feature can be documented by a good reference source, it is noted in the text with initials such as (SM) for Service Manual or (PC) for Parts Catalogue, and Plate numbers given are from the Service Manual.









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